Part 2 – On Conflict, Wicked Problems: Okay, Two More Big Questions

20 Aug

Britain’s Broken Society – David Cameron
Broken Politics – Barack Obama
Broken Families – okay, who among us hasn’t thought this
at some point if not recently?

 “I cannot imagine that people are born bad.
Somehow, they are made bad.
They are taught to be bad.” Ira David Socol

 4. What to do about ‘these people’ (those families, lads, students)?
Okay, so early in Part 1, I invited readers to examine connotations, implicit to wicked in “wicked problem” (via #contextisqueen): is the problem wicked? are the people associated with the problem wicked, and then which people are targeted as wicked and by whom are they targeted?

Now I ask you to bear with me in thinking through the infinitive to break, not only as broken, but also breaking, and being or having been broken.  And this is personal because the core constituents of the family I was born into 1957 would become – in the policy semantics and sound bite perceptions fouling everyday practice – a broken family.  The little, telling piece of the story that had one impact then and would have another now is this (and my father knew his life shaped mine and I would one day tell these stories, so asked the telling be respectful and come after his death):

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