Jump Into the Technology Sandbox – Start Here

Start Here

Okay, here’s the overall blog post to accompany the Exploration Exercise to start your preparation for ALC Workshop Session #2. To re-cap the preparation for our upcoming session:

  1. You’ll take about an hour to complete the “Jump into the Technology Sandbox” exercise to consider what sort of platform/tool you’ll use to set up the virtual hub for your course. Here, the key questions include: Where will you post course materials for students to access? Where will you set up and facilitate student team interactions and/or virtual discussion forums? Where will you collect student work – whether by posting quizzes they will complete or common questions or completed assignment? And, most important, how will I select among possible tools in order to facilitate orderly delivery of information, discussion of ideas and exchange of assignments via technology tools that are available to me? By 12 April you will have finished this exercise. Read on for information on accessing the A, B, C and D starting points.
  2. You’ll invest the remainder of your preparation time for Session #2 in reading and briefly responding to one article in the shared Google Folder. More on this by email on 12 April so that you can complete the brief follow up reading/responding by 19 April.

Accessing Starting Points for Your Sandbox Quadrants

Sandbox Quadrant A – Xi, Jamie, Tonya, Di, Jun, Jeong Rok, Adam, Hung: Basic Information, Resources and Tasks are set out here.

Sandbox Quadrant B – Denise, Petra, Greg, Roberto: Basic Information, Resources and Tasks are set out here.

Sandbox Quadrant C – Mary Jo, Margaret, Ben, Tucker: Basic Information, Resources and Tasks are set out here.

Sandbox Quadrant D – Rosymar, Melanie, Anna, John, Kathryn, Sook Jin: Basic Information, Resources and Tasks are set out here.

If you have not yet signed up, email me at alexa032@umn.edu; also, if you have general questions, use the Comment button here to post them.

A note about Comments: Don’t be worried if you don’t see your comment right away. I’ve turned on the moderating controls to minimize spam. Always it’s a good practice to type up comments in Word, then copy and paste into the Comment box for the actual posting. Word is a better suited to editing, revising, saving as you compose.



  1. Since I am interested in a platform which would support my continuing dental education organization (dealing with credentialing health professionals around the state), I didn’t see the functionality I need in the “C” grouping of web platforms. I think Moodle may be my best option, as we also need to consider e-commerce, to conduct tuition payments in exchange for the issuance of professional education credits needed to retain licensure. We already have a website which is quite robust in displaying our course offerings, but need to develop a way to validate that the test-taker is who they say they are, in order to award credit. I’m still not sure about how this can ever be done – or maybe the MN Board of Dentistry decides to allow for an “honor system” around the authenticity concern. I’m still in a quandry here.

    • I wonder a couple of things about verifying – since I so often do have to sign in to complete various online programs, workshops, webinars. Of late, I’ve heard a bit about test takers getting an email ahead of the test deadline with both a link to the test site and a one use ID + password. Now, who would know about this – I’m thinking that in the AHC context, I’d start with Barbara Brandt’s office for its work with teaching and learning in AHC context.

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