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Updated for 26 March: Tinkering with Tools

14 Apr

Update for 26 March – Session #3

From those notes you developed in originally reviewing a Cultivating Change chapter, please add a short Comment to this post in order to share two things you developed for the original prompt:

  1. Why is this tool / approach interesting to you in light of your own teaching / learning situation?
  2. What two questions related to learning, teaching, usability do you have about the tool / approach?

The basics

  1. Review the 50 ideas about using technology to support learning and teaching that collected together in Cultivating Change in the Academy, which Bill Rozaitis referenced in his presentation during Session #1.  (The links to this resource are at the end of this post.)
  2. Select one chapter that presents a” teaching and learning with technology” idea that you’d like to consider for a course you do or will teach.
  3. Bring a set of notes that address: Why is this tool / approach interesting to you?  How could you adapt the idea presented to your own teaching / learning situation?  What two questions related to learning, teaching, usability do you have about the tool / approach?
  4. Finally, bring those ideas – and your notes – with you to class.

The resource

Duin, A. , Nater, E. & Anklesaria, F. (Eds.).  Cultivating Change in the Academy: 50+ Stories from the Digital Frontlines at the University of Minnesota (2012). This home page gives you several options for accessing content.  I’ve listed below a couple of direct links other readers have found helpful for starting to navigate this ebook.

  • Table of Contents – There are four sections to this book with 8-12 articles under each heading.  You’ll recognize each new entry by seeing blue typeface for an article title with the authors’ names underneath in black.  The blue title serves as the hyperlink to the specific article, and will take you to a page where you can read and/or download the chapter you’ve selected.
  • Video Previews – Not all of the authors were taped at the daylong showcase of this work, and the video segments provide only a glimpse of the ways teachers and students worked with a particular tool or assignment or approach.  They do provide a good overview.  Notice that the link takes you to the last of several video preview pages – then look at the bottom of your browser page to find the “Older Posts” link to take you forward in the line up and see more previews.

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