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Your Turn to Talk – well, to write – Ideas and Questions

21 Feb

The Set Up

Okay, here are the two questions I’ll offer to get discussion and commenting started here in virtual space.  The questions are akin to the “starting out” I’d have asked you in person.  And as I read your comments, I’ll respond with both information/clarification, and with next new questions.  As you respond to others’ ideas, be sure to acknowledge the person who’s sparked your thinking by using that person’s name in your response, maybe even quoting a key phrase or line.

Leave a comment, write a reply.  Come back more than once to see ideas take shape.

The Questions

1.  Given the readings on “Teaching Backward” and Presentation Segment 1.1 with its focus on the 4As of Aligned Design: What are the one or two things about this approach to course design that seem most interesting or helpful to you?  What is one question you would like us to further address, or idea to clarify?

2.  What is one idea about learning – new or familiar to you, from the Presentation Segment 1.2 or 1.3 or from you own learning – that helps you think about designing college courses, especially courses that could be conducted in rooms such as those in STSS?  What is this idea?  How does it help you see teaching and/or learning in new ways?  How might it help you plan a course or class session?

The Commenting Process

1.  Scroll to the bottom of this post, then click on Leave a Comment.

2.  Paste or type your comment into the dialog box that will appear.  To post the comment, you’ll be asked for your email address and name (the email doesn’t get shared, not even with me as blog “owner”).  You can also click on a Twitter, Facebook, WordPress or Google+ icon to verify your identity and have the avatar associate with that account show up in your comment

3.  Don’t worry when your comment doesn’t show up right away.  I’ve set up this blog so that I moderate comments – keeps the spam away.  I’ll do moderate / approve comments fairly quickly.

(If you want easy access check back on the post setting out the Online Session Tasks, click here.)


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