The Online Version of Session #1- ALC Forum, Spring 2014

Start Here – all else builds from this single step:

1.  Save your Introductory Slides with a file name that is only your first & last name

2.  Attach this file to an email addressed to

3.  For the Subject Line simply use “Intro Slides.”

Complete this ASAP – noon Saturday (22 February) if you’re driven by deadlines.  It will take mere minutes to complete this step.

Item #1.  Introductions

Find your Small Group by locating your name in the listings below. With each Small Group name you’ll find a URL for that group’s shared Google Folder. 

Joseph Jiraporn
Annette Emmanuel
Carrie Yuan
Jennifer Akiko
Ramamoorthy Ana
Anne Christine
Hannah Jeffrey
Jianji June
Andrea Charity
Catherine Emilie
Emiko Lesley
Dane Lucas
Jim Paul

Starting at noon Saturday, February 22nd, go to your Group’s shared Google Folder to  (1) review a collection of your Introductory Slides, and (2) collect a link to Flipgrid, then go to this UMinn resource to record your 90 second responses to two questions you can only begin answering after reviewing other group members’ Introductory Slides.

Complete the work of Item #1 by 5 pm on Wednesday, February 26thYour work here will help me set up Session 2, and will help you know more about the people you’ll work with at the start of that session.

Item #2. On Course Design & Teaching/Learning with Technology

A.  I’ve stowed my original mini-presentation slides in my public dropbox:  Once you’ve clicked on URL titled ALC Narrated Presentation Segments, you’ll be able to download the narrated presentation via three short segments.  You’ll need to open the slides in PowerPoint.  To hear the audio as you view the slide, select Play from Start then click on the Sound Icon to hear the narration. I’ve made use of the Note Field to share information you can review before and/or after hearing the presentation.

ALC Narrated Presentation Segments:

B.  After you’ve reviewed the narrated presentation, add your Comments in response to a questions I’ve put into a second blog post I’ve set up here:

Complete the work of Item #2 by 5 pm on Thursday, February 27th I’ll follow up the next day with a brief Preparing for Session 2 activity, which will have you trying out 2-3 “new to you” technology tools.


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